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Indian Visa Extension Options

India Immigration Authority has suspended issuance of 1 year and 5 years e-Tourist Visa from 2020 with advent of COVID19 pandemic. At the moment, India Immigration Authority only issues 30-day tourist India Visa Online. Read more to learn about durations of different visas and how to extend your stay in India.

Indian Government has stopped the 1 and 5 Year Visa for Tourism since COVID pandemic in 2020. You can only apply for a 30-day Tourism Visa (eVisa India) for India.

If you would like to visit India for a longer duration than 30 days, then you have to either apply for an Indian Business Visa or Indian Medical Visa.

How long are India Medical Visa and India Business Visa valid for?

Indian Medical Visa is valid for 60 days and allows 3 entries. Indian Business Visa is multiple entry and is valid for upto 1 Year. You can stay in India for 180 days continuously on Business eVisa.

Staying in India for longer than 30 days?

If you would like to visit India for a longer duration than 30 days, then you have to either apply for an Indian Medical Visa or Indian Business Visa.

What if I am already in India on a 30-day tourist visa or Indian Medical Visa?

If you are already in India or have applied for one of the above electronic Visas (eVisa India), and would like to extend your stay in India, then you can contact FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Officers) who decide the policy of extension of eVisa.

e-FRRO is online FRRO/FRO Service delivery mechanism for foreigners without requirement of visiting FRRO/FRO Office.

All foreigners who desire Visa and Immigration related services in India viz. Registration, Visa Extension, Visa Conversion, Exit Permit etc need to apply for e-FRRO.

Contact FRRO at https://indianfrro.gov.in/eservices/home.jsp

You can also stay more than 30 days by exiting India for a couple of days to Sri Lanka, Nepal or any other neighbouring country and re-applying for a 30 Day Tourist eVisa at Indian Visa Online.

If you have not contacted FRRO and have been in breach of your eVisa stay condition, then you are liable to pay a fine of $100 for 1 week of extra stay and $300 for 1 year of stay in India at the Indian Airport or Seaport at the time of departure from India.